A photograph

A Photograph A rusty five gallon bucket whose piercings project candle flicker across a wooden planked deck. The missing floarboards giving texture to the background night and between two strung hammocks lie a series of objects on this 14th day of September, 2015. 3 books. Los detectives Salvajes.Roberto Bolaño. Rimas y una selección de cuentos. Gustavo Becquer. 1920 Antología de Poesía Española. Two journals. One Zine. A crossword puzzle. One half eaten bowl of rice. hot sauce. black beans can with coffee grinds in the bottom. A liter jug of coconut water. One mate gourd and 2 termos. 2 browning bananas. Set of motorcycle keys. surf board wax. One USMC bayonet knife. a pocket knife with wine opener opened. One neon green harmonica. insect repellent. a sharpening stone. a vial of liquid herbs/aroma therapy. a tagua seed. one pair of sandy flip flops. In the upper right corner of the image, a woman’s face; distinguished only by the spark of a lighter. one cigarrette pressed between her lips. A glimpse of silohuette cloaked in heavy black. Diagonally positioned, a man. black shirt, brown pants, noticeably soiled. Langily dangling in a fish net hammock. No shoes. In his lap lies one white pad of paper upon which he scribbles the last words of the page.     words by Troy Newton. from The Panama Files. 2015

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