A Question for Allen Ginsberg

I found one of your poems provocative Mr Ginsberg. Allow me, dearest Allen, to remind you of your poem found in Siesta in Xalba: There is a God dying in America already created in the imagination of men made palpable for adoration there is an inner interior image of divinity beckoning me out to pilgrimage. O future, unimaginable God -Allen Ginsberg from Siesta in Xbalba   so a question for you, Allen. What if God was that imaginary friend we had growing up. Imagine if our parents found out that they were the ones responsable for the death of God, shoeing the Divne like flies from sunday park buffet, slicing pieces of imagination with butter knives from hog boned reality.  Imagine now, for an instant of saintly proportions, if our picnic plates were invisible yet we all satisfied our hunger happily. Could the prayers of a million ancestors resurrect from its gravely decay from its holy scarcity the starving imagination of our youth?     with hugs, Troyano.     TroyanoNewton.2016.Peru

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