Chile Norte: Arica, Iquique, La Serena, Valle de Elqui

The desert is relentless. It's sun. It's wind. It's sand. Its long stretches of nullness. From Northern Peru to around La Serena, Chile, its desert. Blues of ocean. Blues of sky. Browns of dunes. Browns of endless beach. The majority of that stretch, the highway follows the coast line south. Which for any lover of the sea, the fatigue and exhaustion of being whipped and beaten by sand and wind for 5 months straight on the motorcycle is much less hellish than it sounds. In fact, I would do it again in a heart a nice slow long pausing heart beat. This set of photos represents the stretch of Chile from Arica to La Serena, a stretch of around 1600 kilometers. All photos taken by Troyano Newton.   Elqui- It must be the Eucalyptus breath that does it for me. The colubrine valley slitering its narrow fertility through arid mountain sierra nibs of snow remain from the winter spring bloom is fully upon its march towards summer. The rivers cold with run off feed the contrasts of blue sky deep with night stars brown dust of towering valley walls and the green serpents seeking the sea. A land of alien, quartz, and grape vines I sit now beneath the willow tree shade a tent door caught kiting in the wind sporadic palm trees amongst the eucalyptus and willows give a touch of Dr. Seuss to the surreal beauty of the Elqui Valley.     Thanks for supporting the project! with love, Troy.  

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