Dear Latinos

I worry about you. Everyday I worry, as I go to buy my fruits or fill my tank with gas, that one day the entire latino population will remain deaf. There is a phenomenon here that seems universal, customary, cultural, and undoubtedly negligent to good ear health. Otolaringology is on the rise. Perhaps its the sound of distorting speakers that harmonizes with all those accordions, or that stereo systems are only sold with one setting for the volume. But nonetheless, the amount of sound decibels found in Latin America, I would venture to bet, is the highest in the world. The louder the better. The earlier and louder the better. The less conversation possible? Better. The more yelling over the music? Better. And I just worry that one day all the Latinos will wake up in the morning completely deaf and after so many years of learning Spanish I will be forced to learn a new language, sign language. Sincerely, Gringo Joe

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