Dear Mr. Allen Ginsberg

Lobitos, Peru. April 1, 2016 Dear 1952 Chiapas Allen One could spend months maybe lifetimes scribbling away in pocket sized wrting pads about the desert sounds and dove songs of a night long like the fisherman dock calm as anchored boats Blank page set on open in coming tide through dock pillars and pelican preen parrerlling lines brown blues wooing horizons to rust reds and rest kettle corns of sky crop in a cloudy sea mist rain fertility smiles slightly unwinding sage in desert breath freckles of the night face blues to fade melodic soon she'll shift so as I shall follow suit and drift. and to much your satisfaction I too have succomned to this temptation of hammock and pen And you, mad man in Chiapas, whilst finding freedom in ancient bygone wreckage ruins long shade across vast jungles hidden in mist you, in Mexico, 1952 me, 2016 and I am in Peru with a sea becon beckoning lull free to soothe tattered flags upon masts upon faded boat hands net mending upon waves at bay, I up on shanty abandonment wood planked heaven to watch a pen spill its ink across a tired sun night setting dark faced above desert beach sky you would find home here as I have done tracing moons with sea swell inspire refilling the ink with wells worth of history crumbles contrasts, eternal desert rice, oats, fresh fish at noon The second floor boards dont crow caw you remember Panama, dont you? This squat house is solid though centuries dated by sun batter decrepit years unkept, left for finders toothless relics of brick structure roofless sun peeks through desolate modern era man's ruins tapped oil town empty of retribution a grimace dawn lusting of resolution. But for you, streams would trickle from these arid bones of life lack and frolic naked down the moon scape dirt, scratch poems in the sand bars with pelican beaks rise to still dream translate dove chatter, you would you too would see the glimmer in the battered cactus flats a shimmer in the scald a place to grow bald and words.     TroyanoNewton.April 2016.

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