La Olazonte

La Olazonte

A child paddles into the surf proceeding idly, reading the secrets of his youth scribed by the sunrise across swelling tides proving nothing but his own truth.

He’s challenged by his impatience.

He has observed her ways and in learning, failed and gained measuring his confidence to that of his arm length measuring his strength to that of her cadence and in waiting, waxed and waned he explores patience.

Suffering without angering He submits to her timing poised and ambitious positioning himself to the signs of admission preparing and aligning to finally be granted permission.

For if by chance she perceives a hint of zeal overly revealing of his haste she crashes over head reminding him again that it’s not a race

The weathered man approaches the shore perceiving the secrets of the moon rays engraved upon sand grains gazing into the rising tides of his age

He knows to wait with patience, sure of another set.

Even as the full moon lulls the ocean into rest He is always sure of another set.

Poem/Photos by Troyano Newton

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