Bienvenidos a Una Costa Productions. An American collaborative of Arte, Educacion, & Aventura. Here at UCP we think that pretty photos are cool and poetry is alright too. Literacy and education? Kind of important as well.


But Una Costa Productions seeks to reach a bit deeper with the creation, production and exhibition of these arts. There is a method to all this madness, a point, like a funnel through which the final products concentrate themselves into a single dosis of Mission. We are an american collaborative of teachers, artists, and travelers from Alaska to Argentina, building cultural and linguistic bridges to reveal our similarities and break down the social barriers that divide us. Una Costa in Spanish means One Coast, whose purpose is to remind us that America isn't a country, Its a continent.

                                          One Continent. One Coast. One America.

img_2213 Adventure is our inspiration. Education is our career. Language is our passion.       One of the structural pillars of Una Costa Productions is community. And through Bilingualism across America, the doors of communication can swing freely open to ideally provide a platform of exchange, and mutual appreciation. UCP is striving to be this forum. So lets delve, ladies and gentlemen, into a broader scoped America.             Because without you, Una Costa Productions is just another dude trying to empty a river by the spoonful. 12244023_10153692180146308_1633945361_n

With this said, We are always accepting contributions of art, literature, and photography to be published in the magazine editions.  Contribute, collaborate, and publish your work to be shared across the greater American continent.


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