Out to Sea-gone

A poem inspired by North Coast Peru written from the second floor of an abandoned shack that faced the sea.  written by Troyano Newton.2016.Peru   Out to Sea-Gone Early evening vespertine blue soft night with lunar beams and feather pens I too dreamed of bounding for the south marrying in to the committment of a continent if only I gasped less for clarity grasped less in scarcity stressed less with slighthanded drift if only a salt gust could cure me of a stiff jawed circus ride of a 9 to 5 kind of life if only he forgot if only he could forget about that day he dreamed long he cut the sog the wet drenched heavy the suffering of useless wing to walk down the gravel path and away from the grave whilst the grass still grows footward and fancy bound deep in his interior his rooted wind storms whirl dreampools of southern swell swirl rip tiding him out to sea-gone brittle thought tinkering together certain purposes along this windy coast line walk barren dry dusty arid eyes squinting hope from cactus blood droplets of desert brook and vulcher breath brooding boathouse sweating for high tide paint pealing as he dreaming day long from hammocks and mended past knows that the impossible only lasts a bit longer.   TroyanoNewton.2016.Peru

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