Sticky Notes -Idea 437b

Feb. 14, 2016 Envision.Create.Believe. A community rich environment whose focus is literacy, langugae and literature. A library first and foremost. A spanish school that concentrates efforts in the enrichment of the spanish language and culture that caters to both local and global citizens. Thirdly, a hostal. Once rooted in the local community through activities, classes, workshops and library events, toursim will be introduced via immersion programs and outreach. Although the spanish school and hostal will eventually be the principal source of funding for the project,  local involvement is paramount. Their personal investment in the library, developement of literacy programs, teaching,  etc. must be well-established in order to provide foreigners with an ideal program/experience while ensuring the focus remains on community interaction and involvement.  With the roots of the project set in the preservation, adquisition, and appreciation of the spanish language, the inevitable dilution of local culture will be greatly minimized, or ideally, leave zero to no footprint. A balance between recognizing the positive benefits of tourism and its potentially destructive influence is fundamental to the success of the vision. As obvious as it may seem, travelers dont travel to feel at home, and most often than not, they are in search of the richest and most authentic cultural experience as possible.  With said environment intact, an immersive dynamic of language learning comes organically while benefitting mutually both parties.   Happy Valentines Day. I love you. Troy UCP emergency magic maker kit: 1 bombilla 1 stick of palo santo 1 Harolds purple crayon 1 pocket knife 1 black sharpie 1 0.4 Micron ink pen 1 pelican feather ballpoint 1 writing pad

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