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Some homes are built with frames that absorb seismic activity.

Some, just simply aren’t.

Others have filled their attics with the remnants of heart shaped memories

with bow ties and sepia stained photographs as to remind us of our golden years

Some have golden colored stains on their carpets.

Pieces of glass perhaps strewn about

as if to booby-trap those that enter through the kitchen window.

Some houses so obsessively cleaned

that the sun is skeptical to enter through the front door;

the first level immaculate as to not attract attention

to the basement door adorned with a mirror

or a plant so as to hide their years.

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The boxes.

Good god the boxes that we are unable to part with.

The ones held too close but never dare to peek into.

The clutter of trinkets upon shelves dusty with neglect

and the inability to dispose of the weight.

The weight.

Good god, the weight of our years.

How it accumulates in the bins under beds

like nicks on a dining room table.

We choose which walls to shelter our hearts

and which mess we can step over

Which room to not enter

which boxes are better left alone

and which corner they best inhabit.

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At a certain age these are the foundations

to the decisions that unlock the front door,

or the back if you prefer.

We choose what mess and of whose

we are willing to clean up

which ones to accept, which ones to tolerate.

which ones to discard, which ones to recycle.

We are rarely blessed with a partner

whose walls are clear of burn markings

whose floors have yet to be scuffed

whose framework has yet to be built

foundations yet to be laid.

But it is not our job to build them

renovate them, alter them,

remodel, paint over, convert them

but rather support

like trusses

the structure that houses our future

and to decorate the walls

which consensus.

After all,

love is an act

of acceptance.

Photos/Poem by Troyano Newton

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