The latest ZINE is live and direct! The Desert Beat edition: simple words for Ginsberg

The Desert Beat edition of the Nomad's Diner Zine can perhaps be found tumbling across the sand dunes of Iquique, or tucked in the shelvings of used book stores in Santiago, or left inside the floorboards of an abandoned beach shack in Totoralillo, or maybe you'll find one under a rock in Cochiguaz, or a park bench in Valpo, a coffee house bathroom in Pichilemu, or left over leaflets of the latest Zine can still be found in the recycle bins of La Serena copy shop. But one thing is for sure. Distribution of the Desert Beat edition, is happening in Chile. There will be no international distribution, absolutely no over seas shipping, zero door to door deliveries, just your good ole fashioned littering of ideas across wherever I, the author, publisher, editor and distributor, see fit to litter them. The zine is tangible. This means that if you are opposed to the use of paper due its blatant waste of our natural resources and prefer a digital copy, you, for one, will be highly dissatisfied with this edition.  Its contents will forever remain out of your ecologically sustainable fingertips. Why you ask? 'cause books smell real good! and the feeling of flipping through pages of a book is what trees live for. img_2208 This edition highlights the Peruvian desertscape with poems and short stories, pictures and art inspired by the moto trip along its coastline.  This edition is dedicated to Allen Ginsberg, an oasis in the peruvian bone dust desert. Thanks Al. Below you will find a poem found in this edition of The Nomad's Diner (Mega) Zine. November.2016    

Wipe your ass with poetry: Dilemma #239.

There you are after 4 blocks too many of pinching your ass cheeks together so as to levvy the tsunami sized shit storm rapidly engulfing your horizon.

You enter a hospital, locate the bathroom and enter with excessive haste. Extasy. Sweet release. You open your eyes to a paper-less stall. No towels. No nothing.

Just this book of poems by Allen Ginsberg in your back pocket.

I can assure you that he would approve of you wiping your ass with his poetry. Its the right thing to do. The sanctity of his words is not the problem.

The dilemma?

Which poem.


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