Tierra del Fuego – The Road’s End

Howdy folks. Got some new photos for you here direct from the deepest extents of our American continent. Ushuaia known to many as the end of the road for overland travellers is all but an illusion of completion.  Theres a road that travels out East through the valley and towards the tippy tip of South America, Peninsula Mitre.  Route J. and Route J will take you another 90 some odd kilometers to the end of the driveable road.  Passing Estancia Hamberton then on to Estancia Moat, all the while bordering the Beagle Channel and its respective islands to the South.  "If you make it to Ushuaia, you might as well go as far as you can" said some guy somewhere. This photo gallery represents the end of the road. But much more so, it represents the completion of a long sought dream that started in 2005 in Homer Alaska and ended here, Kilometer 92 on Route J, in March of 2017. The completion of a continent by motorcycle. Under the photo gallery you will find a music video created and edited here at UCP set to music by The Lonesome Billies (Portland, OR). The video was shot primarily here on the island of Tierra del Fuego and specifically on Useless Bay. Enjoy the visuals. and don't miss out on the music video. '  

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