Una Costa is beginning the process of its ZINE production. For those of you who are not aware a ZINE is:

'zine (zēn) 1. An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication

These ZINEs will be comprised of Poetry, Photos, Short Stories, Anecdotes, the filth files, the lost letters, crossword puzzles, and CostaGrams.

As the show must go on, I will be departed from Panama with directions South into Colombia. Meaning that I will be accepting donations for the ZINES and other available merch offered under the GARAGE tab.

Below you will find an original hand-spun CostaGram!

The Rules: Following suit to the rules of Boggle, one must find as many words as possible within the CostaGram and write them down. The words may be going any which way, i.e. diagonal, up, down, side ways, backwards, etc. as long as the boxes touch. The letters may be used more than once in the same word, and doubling the letters with the same box is legal. For Example: BORRO - uses the R box as a double letter, and also uses the O box twice. It is also legal to utilize all conjugations of verbs/words as long as the meaning is different. For Example: VIERA y VIERAN.

OJO: The CostaGram is Bilingual.

The person who submits the most words from the puzzle will be sent the first UCP Zine!

All entries can be sent to:

Tap your inner nerd!

Click the link for the printable PDF file.